Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet

Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet

A couple of months ago, I was lucky to attend a Flower Wild workshop. For those who may not be familiar with Flower Wild, you’ve nonetheless probably seen her work if you read any of the major wedding blogs or magazines. Kate Holt is the creative force behind Flower Wild and an absolutely wonderful instructor. We at Flower Muse know our flowers, but we don’t claim to be experts at floral design, so it was wonderful to learn from such a talented designer who has a wealth of knowledge to share.

This is the bouquet I made at the workshop with Kate’s help.

Flower Wild Workshop - Bouquet

I love the mix of pale lavender and darker purple blooms in this bouquet (that ranunculus was to die for!). The other week, we had an array of similar lavender, purple and fuchsia colors in the studio, so I was inspired to re-create a similar bouquet using all of these wonderful spring flowers!

The “ingredients” to this lavender purple spring bouquet:

Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet Ingredients

Before arranging, you should first hydrate all of the flowers for at least a few hours. Peonies (if in bud form) will need even more time to open. Once everything has had time to drink up some water, you can prep the blooms by removing any foliage from the stems.

Prep blooms by removing foliage

To begin create a base for the bouquet by using several stems of bush ivy. Hold the stems loosely so you can begin to fill in and build your bouquet.

Create a base for your bouquet with sturdy greens

I placed a few stems of peonies to what would be the front of the bouquet.

Building bouquet

Keep adding flowers to build volume and height. For smaller blooms like the sweet peas, you can group a few stems together before placing them into your bouquet. Use smaller blooms like these to fill in the gaps of your bouquet around the larger flowers and let a few “float” around the top. For the tulips, I let some of them naturally bend to give the bouquet an organic feel. Tuck in stems of greenery and allow willowy branches like the seeded eucalyptus to naturally spill out.

Add flowers to fill in the bouquet

Lavender Purple Bouquet

Once you’re happy with the bouquet, wrap up the stems with floral tape. Next, use a coordinating ribbon to cover up the stems and tape and add trailing ribbon or trim if that suits your style.

Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet

Sometimes you may struggle when creating a bouquet (when the flowers seem to have a mind of their own!); just don’t get frustrated and it’s okay to start over! In the end what matters most is if you like it, so it’s okay if it doesn’t look like it could be in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings as long as you’re happy with it!

Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet

Lavender Purple Spring Bouquet Closeup

We hope this lavender purple spring bouquet inspires you to whip up something for yourself or for a wedding or event. If you’re looking to DIY something similar, just click on the links in the ingredients list to shop these flowers or check out our Spring Wedding Flowers page for some inspiration. The spring season offers us such beautiful flowers, so be sure to take advantage!



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