Lavender Pink Dahlia Centerpiece

Lavender Pink Dahlia Centerpiece

We’re at the close of summer which means the season for dahlias will be coming to an end soon, but we might as well enjoy them while we still have them! We recently added a few more colors to our dahlia line up and so I wanted to share an easy DIY centerpiece that features these beauties along with some fun new filler flowers that are also new to our site.

The “recipe” for this lavender pink dahlia centerpiece:

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece - Ingredients

To start, create a base for the centerpiece using a few stems of privet berries. Privet berries have a wonderful dark color that gives a nice contrast with the lighter color flowers. They have a limited season, so if they aren’t available, any other type of berry can be used (like viburnum, snowberry or hypericum). If you want a little help keeping your stems in place, you can create a grid across the top using tape or place a floral frog (or a loosely balled up piece of chicken wire) inside the vase to help you more easily arrange the flowers.

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece - Form Base

Next, layer in the dahlias and cut them to different lengths to create some variation in height. Have some sit low and close to top of your vase, while others stand a little higher. I used a hot pink and a creamy blush dahlia, but you can substitute these with light pink, purple, white or whatever your favorite color might be.

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece - Add dahlias

Start filling in with some of the smaller and finer blooms like the flowering mint and astilbe. I love the use of mint in this arrangement as it provides a clean fresh fragrance, particularly since none of the other flowers used have much of a scent.  Sprigs of mint can be picked up at your local grocery store, but these often have very short stem lengths so they are only useful for tucking into the lower parts of the centerpiece. Flowering mint comes with longer and sturdier stems so it’s much easier to incorporate into floral designs.

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece - Filler Flowers

Continue to fill in gaps in the centerpiece with dahlias and the other blooms and tuck in sprigs of mint into little gaps to fill in with greenery.

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece

Let your arrangement naturally come together. It doesn’t have to be completely symmetrical or even.  Let a few stems of privet berries hang out or let some astilbe stretch out the sides.  It will help give your centerpiece an organic and relaxed feel.

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece

Lavender Pink Dahlia DIY Centerpiece - Closeup

A lavender pink dahlia centerpiece like this is beautiful for your dinner table (or an amazing hostess/host gift!) or it would be perfect for a late summer early fall wedding reception when most of these flowers are in season. We hope you enjoy this quick tutorial and get inspired to come up with your own centerpiece design!  Let us know if you have any questions!



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