July 2014 Calendar

July 2014 Calendar

Happy July!It’s the last day of June and we’re now well into the summer season! I love the longer sunny days and so for our July 2014 calendar, I decided to choose something that reminded me of beautiful blue skies so we’re featuring antique blue hydrangea for this month.

I love how the petals of this hydrangea vary in color. The blue with hints of purple and even green remind me of how colorful the summer sky looks when the sun starts to set. Some say that hydrangea flowers convey deep heartfelt emotions when given as a gift; however, others say that they’re a sign of gratitude for being understanding. Either way, it’s a gift that most people would love to get (except Madonna who has noted her hatred of them!).

Some people have the misconception that hydrangeas are very delicate flowers, but they are actually fairly sturdy flowers that have a great vase life when properly cared for. Some of the antique hydrangea varieties can even last for months (or years) as dried blooms.

The key to a long lasting hydrangea is to first get them as fresh as possible. A fresh cut hydrangea from your own garden is about as fresh as you can get, but if you don’t have that option getting it farm direct is the second best option. You’ll want to make sure your hydrangea blooms are well-hydrated and kept at a cool temperature in clean water. Re-cutting the stems and changing the water every 2-3 days will help them keep longer.

If you notice blooms starting to look a little wilted or droopy, you can try this tip (for non-tinted hydrangea):

  • Fill up a clean sink with room temperature water.
  • Gently dunk the whole bloom in water for a few minutes
  • Lightly shake off excess water and wrap the bloom in paper (this helps support the bloom heads as they re-hydrate)
  • Re-cut the stem and place it back in a clean vase with at least 3” to 4” of water.
  • Remove the paper after 4-5 hours and the hydrangea should hopefully perked back up

Hopefully you won’t ever need this tip, but sometimes with hot summer temperatures, the flowers can use a little extra help keeping well watered! We hope that you have a fantastic July and if you want to treat yourself to some hydrangea, just check out our hydrangea page.



PS. For those who want to know, the July birth flower is Larkspur, but I thought I’d let hydrangea be the star of the show this month since it does not have its own birth month!

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July 2014 Calendar

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