How Peonies Are Shipped

How Peonies Are Shipped

Peony season is getting into full swing! My friends have seen beautiful images of peonies and a question that has popped up a few times is how do we ship them without damaging the blooms? It’s a great question and not everyone is familiar with how peonies ship, so I’m going to show you!

How peonies are shipped

A good peony farm will know exactly when to cut the blooms. If they’re cut too early, you’ll end up with buds that never open (can be common with “grocery store” peonies).  If they’re cut too late, the buds will have started to open more than they should have already and they may damage more easily during shipping. It takes an expert at the farm to know exactly which cut stage is right for each variety of peony – it’s a tough job!

Peony field almost ready

A good peony should arrive in a closed bud stage. They’ll be carefully wrapped and packaged up like this:

Packaged peonies

When you open up the package, the peonies will look like big round lollipops – not what most people expect to see!  Don’t be disappointed because this is EXACTLY how you want them to look like when they first arrive!  When peonies are shipped this way, they won’t get damaged and I think the best part about getting them fresh cut like this is that you’ll be able to watch the transformation as the blooms open:

How peonies open

It’s amazing to see how they go from a little not-so-pretty ball to a stunning bloom with just some time in water!  The blooming times will vary depending on the peony variety.  Some like “Coral Charm” typically open within 24 hours and will only last a few days before the color starts fading and petals start to drop. For other varieties, the bloom process can take from 2-5 days before the peonies are fully open.

Peonies are not the longest lasting in the world of flowers, so getting them fresh cut will allow you to enjoy them much longer than if you received them already open and arranged. Check out the peony bouquets we have on Flower Muse and treat yourself or someone you love to a bunch while they’re in season! We’ll soon be getting some of the more unique peony varieties in from our farm, so be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter if you want to get a sneak peek at our pics!  Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else you want to know about peonies (or really any flower!).




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  1. 1
    Mary Magden

    beautiful..can you tell me when you will have more in stock for is my daughters birthday..and I have called her peony her whole life..she has never really seen one…I was fortunately brought up near a peony garden outside of my window years ago..simply bold and rich flowers…just like…thanks!

    • 2
      Ellie H.

      Hi Mary! Peonies are such beautiful flowers and what a great thing to call your daughter! Our customer service team will be in touch to answer any questions you might have. Thanks so much for visiting us here!

  2. 3
    Sophia Borissenko

    Hi there, I love the photos of the peonies open! I was wondering (this might be a long shot) if you would consider giving me a copy of them? Thanks either way! Sophia

    • 4
      Ellie H.

      Hi Sophia! Thanks for stopping by our blog! You can easily pin any of the images to Pinterest to keep there. If you would like a copy of the image, you can save it directly from our site and we just ask that any use of it is attributed back to Flower Muse and that use is for personal, not commercial use. Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions.

    • 6
      Ellie H.

      Hi Sharon, We don’t export, but it is certainly possible to ship peonies overseas as long as the flowers are in a temperature controlled freight container. Peonies kept cold can stay dormant for a couple months under the right conditions and still bloom fine; however, getting them farm direct is of course the best option!

  3. 7
    Stefanie Mackenzie

    I’m so excited to find you! I just placed an order for peonies for my daughters’ birthday. Peonies are her favorite flower. They also hold great meaning for her. My late husband; her stepfather, grew peonies when he lived in New York. As lifelong Floridans we never saw many. On a trip to Co. We had peonies in the garden of a home we rented. My husband was in his element, and brought in arm loads of peonies daily. He taught us all about peonies. After that, when someone said anything about flowers, peonies were her favorite, without question. We associate peonies with him, so having these at her birthday will be like getting a hug from him. She was the apple of his eye, and she loved him so.

    • 8
      Ellie H.

      Hi Stefanie! Welcome and so glad you found us! Peonies hold such fond memories for so many people and thank you for sharing your story! We hope your daughter enjoys them for her birthday and let us know if you have any questions!

    • 10
      Ellie H.

      Hi Danielle! We would recommend delivery the Thurs or Friday before. If you want the peonies really open, then Thurs would be best. The bloom rate will depend on factors like how warm it is, but you can speed it up or slow it down if needed. Just read our tips in our peony care and handling post. And always feel free to drop us a line ( with any other questions!

  4. 13
    Melody Valadez

    Hi my name is Melody Valadez my daughter is getting married in July 2015and would love to have peonies in her bouquet but was told they are to expensive and they would need to get them imported we are in California could you give me some feed back Thank You

    • 14
      Ellie H.

      Hi Melody! Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement! Regarding peonies in July, it typically is a more expensive time of year for them. By that time of year, they are usually coming from Alaska. So they aren’t imported, but shipping from AK has a higher cost than peonies grown on the continental US. Not sure how much you were told they might cost, but I know that we sell 10 stems for around $129.99-$139.99 during the Alaska season. If you have any other questions, just let us know! We’re always happy to help.

  5. 17
    shelly brucher

    My daughter is getting married June 6th.. she wants these as her bouquet. ( a somewhat large one), but does not want them to be opened..are you able to make a bouquet like she wants if a a picture is sent? she’s very specific thats how she wants them, if so, when should we order them for? thankyou

    • 19
      Ellie H.

      Hi Shelly! Thanks for stopping by and congratulations to your daughter! Our customer service team will be sending you an email so keep an eye out for a note from (sometimes they get caught in spam).

  6. 20

    I read a reply that you gave someone about keeping peonies dormant for a couple of months. I am getting married the one month of the year that you don’t offer them- september! If I ordered them to arrive the last day that you ship in august, how can i keep them from opening until sept. 25th?

    • 21
      Ellie H.

      Congratulations Nikki! September is a tough month for peonies and while it would be nice to buy in August and keep them dormant until September, it’s not something that we recommend. Peonies kept for prolonged periods of time are done in special coolers that control not only temperature, but humidity, oxygen/CO2 levels, etc. Your average home refrigerator is fine if you’re only keeping peonies cold for a few days, but longer than that, the peonies won’t do well.

      Given that your wedding is end of September, check in with us about mid-September. If weather is atypical, it’s possible that we could have them. Otherwise there are alternatives like garden roses that can give you a very similar look and are available year round.

      Hope this helps and drop us a line ( with any other questions!

    • 27
      Ellie H.

      Hi Mary!

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s hard to say with 100% certainty that corals will be available as it all depends on the weather. Corals are usually the first variety to come into season which also means they are the first to end. If weather gets too hot, then they may not be available by mid-June. However, if the season stays moderate (on the East coast), then they should be around. If you’d like to order them, check in with us early June and we should have a better sense of whether they’ll be available. You can drop us a line ( Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

  7. 28
    Debbie Fornaro

    Hi my name is Debbie. I was very excited to find your site. It’s beautiful. I’ve read most of the questions that were posed to you about peonies and when it’s practical to get them. Just have to ask though; my daughter’s bridal shower is set for August 29, 2015. I would love to have peonies as part of the table arrangements. Do you think this is possible? Also, if so which colors would be a bit hardier at that time. I read the emails from you regarding coral and how they are the first to end (of course the corals would be perfect!). Thank you so much. I look forward to “hearing” back from you. We live in Long Island, New York.

    • 29
      Ellie H.

      Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by! Congratulations to you and your daughter! What an exciting time for you guys. Regarding your question, peonies for August 29th might be possible, but we won’t know for sure until we are closer to the date. For that time of year, the peonies would come from Alaska, so if their season is still going, then peonies should definitely be possible. It’ll all depend on the weather, so we can’t say with 100% certainty what will be available at the time. I’ll have our team send you a note too, but if we do have them then, it’s not a problem to ship to your location! Let us know if you have any other questions and congrats again!

  8. 30
    carolyn seaman

    I would like to send some peonies to a friend in San Francisco for her birthday. What if she is not there to receive the delivery? What is the window of time that she will have to coordinate with the delivery service that will not impair the peonies?

    • 31
      Ellie H.

      Hi Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by! You ask a question that we get a lot. We usually recommend sending gift flowers to an office or address where someone will be there to receive them; however, we know that may not always be possible. Our flowers are sent through overnight service via FedEx or UPS and for major cities like San Francisco, they should arrive by 10:30am. If she is not home when they try to make delivery, we work with the carrier to get them to return later in the day. Many peonies can be fine out of water for a bit (mostly pink or hot pink varieties) and if something does go wrong, you can be assured that we always take care of things for our customers!

  9. 32

    Hi, do you ship peonies in August? I would love to ship some to my friend for her birthday. What are your usual pricing? Thanks.

  10. 33
    Ellie H.

    Hi Teyana! Thanks for stopping by! We typically do have peonies in August, but the season is sometimes over by the end of the month, so if you were hoping to send them late August, then there is a chance we may no longer have them. Send us an email ( and let us know what date you were hoping to send them, and as we get closer to that date, we’ll be able to let you know if we’ll be able to send them. You can see all of our pricing on our site:

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  11. 34

    I am getting married in Savannah GA the first week of March 2016 – I am curious, can I have peonies like this shipped to me in late February for the wedding in Georgia? Thanks! Angela

    • 35
      Ellie H.

      Hi Angela! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Regarding your question, we should have peonies available for your wedding but we won’t have our full color offering during that time, but white and pink colors should be available then. If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line ( and we’ll be happy to help!

    • 37
      Ellie H.

      Hi Dede! Congratulations to your daughter! For peonies in October, that month is a little trickier. We usually have peonies available, but typically not until later in October. So if her wedding is towards the end of the month, then there is a better chance that peonies will be available. It all depends on weather, so we can’t say with 100% certainty. If we do have them, we ship everywhere in the US, so getting them to San Francisco won’t be a problem. If you have more questions, just send us an email ( and we’ll be happy to help!

  12. 38
    Patti Hicks

    Peonies are absolutely beautiful ~ love, love! If July is an expensive time of year to purchase because they have to be shipped from Alaska, when is a better time for lesser expense? Thanks so much!

    • 39
      Ellie H.

      Hi Patti, thanks for stopping by! The least expensive time of year to buy peonies is when they are in season in the continental US. This is typically sometime in May through June and can vary a bit depending on the weather. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

  13. 40

    Hello, I am getting married in Savannah in Mid October of 2016, would you let me know what colors of peonies will be available then? How long will it take for them to hydrate and bloom? Thank YOU !!!

    • 41
      Ellie H.

      Hi Unu!

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Peonies in Sept and October are a tricky time of year. It all depends on how the season is going. Mid to late October is usually when the first of the crop becomes available from Australia and New Zealand, so it’s hard to say with 100% certainty if they’ll be available in time for your wedding because it will all depend on the weather. If peonies are ready, then it’s usually coral peonies that are the first available color. White and pink peonies follow (typically anywhere from 2-3 weeks after). If you’d like to order for your wedding, we’ll have a better gauge of when they’ll be ready sometime late September to early October, so keep in touch with us ( and we can keep you posted!

      As for how long they’ll take to bloom, that will also depend on the variety. Coral peonies are typically very fast blooming, so those will fully open in 1-2 days (sometimes just hours if it’s warm!). Other colors like white and pink can take up to 2-3 days to open. You can check out our peony care and handling post that gives a lot of detail in how to care for them, including speeding up or slowing down the process. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


    • 43
      Ellie H.

      Hi April!

      Unfortunately, September is a month when peonies are nowhere to be found. That said, if there are weird weather patterns, it’s possible that they could be available at the end of the month, but usually mid-late October is when we start to see peonies come back into season. I have yet to see fresh peonies available in September and if anyone tells you with 100% certainty that they’ll have them, I would be wary as they could be peonies cut in July or August and stored through to September. That means the quality and reliability of blooming may not be good at all. If you need something peony-like when peonies are out of season, there are great alternatives like garden roses that really mimic the look and have much better availability. Drop us a line if you have any other questions!

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