Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece in Citrus Colors

Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece in Citrus Colors

A beautiful bright centerpiece can do wonders for brightening up not only a room, but your mood! I put together this quick and easy centerpiece using our popular garden roses and ranunculus pack.

With just these two different flowers, you can create a gorgeous arrangement that is great for decorating your house or giving as a gift. With Mother’s Day around the corner this is something that you could easily put together yourself and present to mom. Our garden rose and ranunculus gift collection size has enough blooms that you could make at least two centerpieces of this size. Or if you want to create more, you can get the deluxe size with more garden roses and ranunculus. That’s perfect for giving one to mom and another to your mother-in-law or grandmother (or to keep one for yourself!)

The “ingredients” to this garden roses and ranunculus centerpiece:

Garden Rose and Ranunculus Centerpiece - Ingredients

The first step is to make sure you’re working with flowers that have been fully hydrated. That means the flowers have been cut and allowed to drink up water for at least 4 hours. Garden roses need time to open, so letting them hydrate for a full day (or even two) would be even better.

Layout all your flowers and start with the garden roses. Trim down the stems to fit your vase that has been filled with clean room temperature water. For size reference, the vase I used here had an opening of about 6” across. Start placing the roses in the vase and alternate between the 2 different colors. You’ll want the roses to extend at least 0.5” to 1” over the edge of the vase. For roses in the center of the arrangement, cut the stems so they are a little taller than those sitting on the sides.

Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece - Step 1

If you criss-cross the stems as you place the roses in the vase, they’ll create a natural grid for the blooms in the center to stay in place. Of course if you want a little extra help to support the stems, you can create a grid across the top of your vase using tape.

With your roses in place, tuck in the ranunculus to fill in the empty spaces between the roses. Ranunculus often come with small buds on the same stem as the main bloom. You can trim those off if you don’t like the look or insert a few into your centerpiece for some added texture.

Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece - Step 2

That is all it takes to put a centerpiece like this together! It’s a quick and simple design that anyone can do and by using garden roses and ranunculus it creates a lush and expensive looking arrangement.

Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece - Citrus Colors

Garden Roses and Ranunculus Centerpiece - Closeup

Hope this helps give you some decorating and gift ideas and if you want to try this out for yourself, you can check out our garden roses and ranunculus gift collection and pick out your favorite colors. We also have a less expensive rose and ranunculus version too.

Let us know if you have any questions. We love hearing from you!



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