Flowers Do Make Good Gifts

Most people in the flower “industry” have a love / hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  There’s a tremendous amount of business, but also a tremendous amount of headache.  What people who work in this industry should never forget is that each and every Valentine’s delivery is going to someone’s “special someone”.  Slowing down or stopping before every order is taken care of just isn’t acceptable.

We were fortunate to have wonderful weather, an amazing team at the farms, a really (really) dedicated team in logistics and some good luck and we are proud to say that we had a great holiday and very satisfied customers.  One thing that did really bum us out this year though were the reports we got about how many people had experiences this year with other companies where their order simply was not delivered or was delivered with the wrong flowers or colors.  Some people have asked us: “Isn’t this good for you guys? If your competitors are making people so upset, shouldn’t it be easier for you to get the customers next time?”  Our fear is that many of the customers who have a bad experience with flowers at Valentine’s Day will simply decide not to buy flowers, at all, in the future.  If someone doesn’t know us from the competition and they’ve had nothing but bad experiences with flowers, why would they ever buy flowers again?  I might not either in their shoes.

That said, we are really invested in the growing and sale of flowers.  We love flowers and we know the joy that truly fresh and beautiful flowers can bring to a recipient on Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter).  So, in an effort to bring a little joy to someone’s day, show that flowers really do make great gifts and, in all honesty, maybe build a little goodwill for ourselves out there, we are launching our “Flowers Do Make Good Gifts” contest / drawing on 2/17/12.

We’re giving away two sets of either 200 calla lilies or 200 roses to anyone who lets us know that they had a bad Valentine’s Day flower experience.  You can let us know by email (, by sending us a tweet (@theflowermuse) about your experience or reading “Flowers Do Make Good Gifts” or by posting on our Facebook page.  We’ll draw the winner next Friday (2/24) and let them know right away.

Flowers really do make amazing gifts and we hope a post-Valentine’s Day gift of 200 gorgeous and really long lasting flowers show just how amazing the gift of flowers can be.

If you have any questions, just let us know.  If you want to send this information along to a friend, please do!  We would love any and all help getting this message out.

The Flower Muse Team


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