Our Favorite: Blue Flowers

Our Favorite: Blue Flowers

We’re halfway through the summer and I hope you’ve been having a fantastic season so far! With the summer season, I think of bright tropical colors, but also long days of blue skies! So, when it came time to think of our next color board, I wanted to put together our favorite blue flowers.

The list of blue flowers is not as long as what you would find for pink or red, but there are still some gorgeous blue flowers that nature provides us! The lighter shades of blue range from pale baby blue (like hydrangeas) to flowers with more periwinkle or lavender blue tones (like scabiosa and scilla). The darker colors range from violet blues (like hyacinths and iris) to dark blue, almost black, tones (like privet berries).

I love that the range of blue colors are so varied and this is just our favorite picks of the more common blue cut flowers you’ll find. One flower I wish was commercially grown for floral arranging is this beauty:

Himalayan Blue Poppy - Longwood GardensImage via

A Himalayan blue poppy! Isn’t it a gorgeous shade of blue? This poppy needs a very specific climate to grow, so it’ll only thrive in limited regions in the US. You can see this beauty at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, but you’ll have to catch it at the right time since it blooms only once a year. You can read more about it over on their blog.

Since blue is not as common of a natural color for flowers, many farms have gotten creative and you can find a range of tinted or dyed blue flowers. Personally, I prefer natural blooms, but you can find roses, orchids, daisies and more in vibrant, albeit artificial blue colors, like the blue rose you’ll see in our color board.

I hope that this color series helps provide some ideas and inspiration if you’re planning a wedding or event where blue is in your color theme. You can also check out our White and Blue Flowers Collection which lets you customize your own selection of white and blue flowers. It’s perfect for a baby shower or really any event where you want blue!

As always, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or need help choosing flowers and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!


Flower Muse - Blue Flowers

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