Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 1

Easy Holiday Centerpieces – Part 1

It’s December and it’s always a hectic month for everyone; gifts to buy and wrap, homes to decorate and holiday parties to plan! I know I am always looking for ways to make things easier and that is what inspired our Holiday Flowers – Custom Gift Set.

It’s the perfect choice for sending a beautiful gift of flowers that you customize yourself and you can make it unique with harder to find flowers like star of bethlehem and painted craspedia! But our gift set is also a great way to easily decorate your home for the holidays or create a gorgeous centerpiece to bring as a host gift.

You might be thinking, “I have very little flower design skills so how easy can this really be?”. It really can be easy…honestly! It’s all about keeping it simple and following our tips and we’ll show you 5 different easy holiday centerpieces that you can create using our Holiday Flowers Custom Gift Set. Our gift set lets you choose three different flower types and so each of our DIY centerpieces use only 3 “ingredients”.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 1

Our first easy holiday centerpiece showcases green and white colors with these 3 blooms:

Easy Holiday Centerpieces - Part 1: Ingredients

The stems count I listed above are for use with a vase that is 5” wide and 10” tall. If you’re using a wider vase, then you’ll want to increase the amount of stems used to fill out your vase.

You’ll want to work with flowers that have had a chance to hydrate. When flowers first arrive, quickly give them a fresh cut and let them sit in water for at least 4-6 hours before you arrange them. Flowers like freesia arrive in a bud form, so you can wait even longer (1-2 days) before using them in an arrangement.

To start, clean off the stems by removing any foliage that would fall below the water line. That will ensure your water stays clean which will make your flowers last longer!

East Holiday Centerpiece - Part 1: Prep Stems

Freesia often have offshoots that grow out from the lower part of the stem

East Holiday Centerpiece - Part 1: Freesia

These can make arranging difficult, so gently snip them off.

East Holiday Centerpiece - Part 1: Prep Freesia

Next step is to simply start placing stems into your vase. You’ll want to cut down the stems so that the top of the vase hits at least two-thirds of the length of the stem. This makes sure that the stems have enough support.

East Holiday Centerpiece - Part 1: Begin arranging

Just keep adding stems and place them so they create a full mix of the three different flower types. That’s all that it takes!

East Holiday Centerpiece - Part 1

It’s a simple easy holiday centerpiece that looks beautiful and the freesia adds a lovely fragrance too! This centerpiece is perfect for a mantle or coffee table. It may not be the best for a dining table since the fragrance of the freesia could interfere with the wonderful smell of your holiday meal (that is unless you don’t mind!).

East Holiday Centerpieces - Part 1

The fresh green and white colors are classic holiday hues that are neutral enough to fit with most any home décor and putting together an arrangement like this should be quick and doesn’t look like something you just picked up at the grocery store! To keep your stems looking fresh, give them a fresh cut and change of water every 2-3 days.

I hope that this helps inspire you to create something for your home or to give as a gift! Stay tuned as we’ll be back to share more easy holiday centerpiece ideas!


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