Easy Fall Centerpiece

Easy Fall Centerpiece

Now that it’s November, I’m starting to see holiday decorations trickling into stores. The day after Halloween, I saw a building start to put up garland…yes, I said garland! It seems early, but the holidays have a way of sneaking up on us and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, so to help you prepare for the festivities, I put together an easy fall centerpiece using some of the flowers that you’ll find in our new fall flower gift and decorating collection.

The ingredients for this easy fall centerpiece:

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Ingredients

Before you start arranging, you’ll want to work with flowers that have had time to hydrate and blooms have started to open. If you want your lilies to open up faster, check out our post on tricks for speeding up the process. Make sure to pluck the stamens as soon as the lilies open to avoid pollen stains. If you do get pollen on something, don’t touch it or you could make it worse! Read our post about how to deal with pollen stains and you’ll avoid a lot of headaches!

For this centerpiece, I chose a square wood vase (about 5” wide) with a rustic worn look. To start, create a base with several stems of the smoke bush and ruscus. The stems will help create a natural grid inside the vase to hold the flowers that you’ll insert next. If you feel like you may need a little extra help, create a grid across the vase using tape to provide more support while you arrange.

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Create a base

Next, place your stems of lilies and situate them so the blooms are prominently featured.

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Insert Lilies

Then you can start inserting stems of tulips around the lilies.

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Insert Tulips

And fill in gaps with smaller spray roses, freesia and more greens if needed. Be sure to turn your centerpiece so you can see how it looks from all angles and you can check to make sure you didn’t leave any gaping holes in the arrangement.

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Tuck in smaller blooms

For the last step, tuck in stems of astilbe to give the centerpiece some light contrast and finer texture.

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Tuck in astilbe

With that, you’re done! This simple and easy fall centerpiece shouldn’t take long to create and the fall colors are perfect for decorating a mantle or table for Thanksgiving.

Easy Fall Centerpiece

Easy Fall Centerpiece - Closeup

Most of these flowers you can get in our fall flowers gift and decorating collection and you can supplement with additional greens foraged from your garden or more of your favorite blooms.

If someone in your household is allergic to lilies, then you can easily substitute them with roses or mini callas. And if you don’t want the fragrance of freesia, then other smaller blooms like lisianthus or more spray roses can help fill in the centerpiece.

I hope that this DIY inspires you to create something special for your home.  It isn’t hard to do and you’ll impress your guests when you can say that you just “whipped up” the centerpiece like it’s no big deal! If you have any questions, just give us a holler and you can get more fall flower inspiration by checking out our fall flowers collection!



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