Easy Daffodil Bouquet

Easy Daffodil Bouquet

It’s February and here in LA, we’re having warmer than usual temps, but I know it’s absolutely freezing in other parts of the country. So, this week I thought that you guys might enjoy seeing a bright and cheery daffodil bouquet to bring you some sunshine and hope that spring and warmer weather will be here soon!

When you think about daffodils, you’re probably picturing the most common yellow varieties; however, daffodils come in a variety of shades and types. My personal favorite are the double bloom varieties that have multiple layers of petals creating a beautiful lush look.
Yellow Double Daffodils
Daffodils are such a quintessential spring season flower and they can make a beautiful bouquet.   For those thinking about using daffodils for a wedding, this tutorial will you how simple it is to create an easy daffodil bouquet for both the brides and bridesmaids.

The “ingredients” to creating these DIY bouquets:

Easy Daffodil Bouquet - Ingredients
Depending on how large you want your bouquets, you could add more stems or use less for something more petite.

If you’re getting daffodils shipped to you, they will typically arrive in bud form, so you’ll need to hydrate them in water for at least a day to give the blooms time to open. Note that daffodils can emit a sticky sap that might be irritating for those with very sensitive skin. This sap also can clog the stems of other flowers so handle these with care and allow the daffodils to sit in water by themselves for at least 6 hours before mixing with other blooms.

If your daffodils have a lot of leaves, you can gently peel these away before you start arranging if you don’t want too much greenery showing in your bouquet.

Prep daffodil stems - remove leaves
To create the bouquet, add one stem at a time to start forming a rounded bouquet shape. I used a mix of yellow and bicolor daffodils to create a larger bridal bouquet, but you can use all of the same color/variety or mix it up like I did here. When forming the bouquet, make sure the main face of the bloom is facing outward and you’ll want to layer the blooms a bit to create a full looking arrangement.

Forming Daffodil Bouquet

The bouquet looks beautiful with just daffodils, but you can certainly add other flowers or more greenery to fill out the bouquet even more. Once you have the bouquet to the size and shape you like, just wrap up the stems with floral tape to hold everything in place. Trim off the stem ends and then use ribbon of your choice to cover up the tape and use pins to keep it in place.

Easy Daffodil Bouquet - Ribbon wrap
Make sure to leave enough room at the bottom so that you can keep the bouquet in water without getting the ribbon wet.

Easy Daffodil Bridal Bouquet
For the smaller bridesmaid bouquets, the process is the same but with fewer stems to make a more petite sized bouquet.

Easy Daffodil Bridesmaid Bouquet
I love how easy these daffodil bouquets are to make and they have such a happy and cheery look that is perfect for a special occasion like a wedding.

Easy Daffodil Bouquets

Daffodil Bouquet - Closeup
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and maybe it’ll inspire you to do something creative with daffodils for your next event!  Let us know if you have any questions and always feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment. We love hearing from you!



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