Easy Bright White Centerpiece

Easy Bright White Centerpiece

Now that it’s after Labor Day, wearing white is a fashion faux pas for some, but definitely not in the world of flowers! White flowers are always in season and in style and so today I’m sharing a tutorial for an easy bright white centerpiece.

This arrangement uses some of our favorite flowers and the neutral white color makes this centerpiece a great fit for any color scheme.

Tutorial for our Easy Bright White Centerpiece

The “ingredients” used in this DIY tutorial:

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Ingredients

Step 1: Prep flowers and greens

If you order flowers from us, they ship straight from our farms and will need some time to hydrate. It’s best to let them sit in water for at least 4-6 hours (the flowers you see in our pictures have been in water for 1-2 days). You can follow our floral care tips to see detailed steps for caring for roses, ranunculus and anemones.

Once your flowers are fully hydrated, you’ll want to prep your stems. That means gently removing lower leaves from your flowers and greens that would sit under the water line.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Remove lower foliage

And also removing thorns from your roses.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Remove leaves & thorns

Step 2: Begin arranging

For this easy bright white centerpiece, we use a simple glass cylinder vase. Make sure it is clean and fill it up with room temperature water.

To start, I like to create a foundation with my greens, creating a tripod like base using three stems.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Create base

Then add your larger bloom flowers (roses in this case) to the vase. Give them a cut at a diagonal and don’t be afraid to let them sit at different heights. This helps create some depth to your centerpiece.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Add roses

Start filling the spaces with the secondary flowers (ranunculus and anemones).

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Add anemones & ranunculus

When adding Star of Bethlehem, I like to create a small group of these blooms by clustering a few stems together and inserting the bunch into the arrangement.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Group Star of Bethlehem

Continue filling in the gaps between the roses. For blooms like ranunculus and anemones that can sometimes have a natural bend, don’t be afraid to let them flow out the sides of the vase and use the linear shape of the Star of Bethlehem to add some height to the centerpiece.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Insert Star of Bethlehem

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Fill in gaps

Depending on your preferred arrangement style, you can keep this centerpiece light and loose, or for a more solid, full arrangement, add more flowers and greens.

Easy Bright White Centerpiece - Loose style

Step 3: Enjoy!

That’s all there is to creating an easy bright white centerpiece like this! Most of the flowers used in this tutorial are available year round (except for the anemones), and you can swap in other flower types like tulips, scabiosa, carnations, or others depending on what’s in season and what you like. You can check out our white flowers page for more ideas!

Easy Bright White Centerpiece

I hope the tutorial for our easy bright white centerpiece inspires you to create an arrangement of your own! Whether it’s for a wedding or big event or a intimate dinner party for a few guests in your home, flowers are always a great way to brighten up a space!

Easy Bright White Centerpiece

For more inspiration, check out our other flower tutorials and if you have any questions, just drop us a line or leave a comment below!


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