Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece

It doesn’t feel like fall here when the temperature has been in the triple digits, but that is not stopping us from enjoying the fall season! We’re sharing an easy bright fall centerpiece that uses colorful seasonal blooms and greens to create a cheerful arrangement that would be perfect for a wedding, fall event or even just to decorate your table at home.

Tutorial for our Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece

The “ingredients” used in this DIY tutorial:

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Ingredients

Step 1: Prep Flowers, Greens and Tools

Before you begin arranging flowers, you always want to work with flowers that have had a chance to hydrate. If you’ve bought flowers from us, the ranunculus, garden roses and anemones arrive in a closed bloom stage and they need some time in water (at least 4-6 hours minimum) to open up. The flowers we used in this tutorial hydrated for 1-2 days and you can see how large the garden rose blooms opened up!

Next, I like to prep my flowers and greens so that it’s easy to grab stems to put into my arrangement. That means snipping off any thorns and carefully removing foliage that would fall under the water line. For larger greens, I also trim them to more manageable lengths so I can quickly add them in.

No matter what vase you’re using, you always want to make sure it’s clean. You can use a mild detergent or diluted bleach to clean out the inside. The vase we use in this tutorial is a wooden box with a plastic insert which we made sure to clean before filling up with water.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Clean vase

Step 2: Create a Base

Using larger greenery, like oak leaves in our example, create a base for your centerpiece. I criss-crossed the stems to create a matrix that will help support the flower stems. If you want to make things easier, you can tape off a grid across the top of your vase to help support stems, or you can use floral wire mesh (or chicken wire) inside your vase.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Use greenery for a base

Step 3: Add Flowers

In our example of this easy bright fall centerpiece, we used vibrant orange, red, and yellow blooms, but you can easily change up the color palette by using different colors to fit your style.

With the base of greenery in place, begin adding flowers starting with focal blooms: the garden roses.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Add garden roses

Then add in ranunculus and anemones.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Add ranunculus and anemones

Next, tuck in greens between blooms.Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Tuck in greenery

As you add flowers, you can cut stems at varying lengths. Don’t be afraid to let the anemone petals overlap the garden roses and ranunculus. This create layers that give your centerpiece a bit of depth and helps create a full looking arrangement.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Vary height of flowers

Step 4: Marvel at Your Work!

Once you’ve filled up your vase, that’s all there is to this easy bright fall centerpiece! The container vase we used in our tutorial is a 5″ square. This size is great for small to medium sized tables. If you’re creating centerpieces for a wedding or event, this design is easy to follow and will also maximize your floral budget if you have a lot of tables to create centerpieces for.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Complete

For a much larger space, you can use a larger vase and follow the same steps adding more greens and flowers. If the opening of your vase is wide, then taping off a grid across the top or using floral wire mesh or a floral frog will help make arranging much easier.

If you need help determining how many flowers you need, you can always drop us a line and someone from our team will be happy to help with recommendations or quantities and also flower types to fit your budget and needs.

Easy Bright Fall Centerpiece - Place with pumpkins for Thanksgiving table

I hope this easy bright fall centerpiece inspires you to create something beautiful for your next event or just for yourself! Pair this arrangement with some small pumpkins and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or just to celebrate the fall season! Enjoy the rest of October and stay tuned for more floral tips and inspiration!


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