Dreamy Golden Peach Centerpiece

Dreamy Golden Peach Centerpiece

Hooray it’s spring! We’re celebrating all the gorgeous spring season blooms that are now available: peonies, ranunculus, tulips and so many more! In our DIY tutorial today, we are showcasing some spring favorites in a dreamy golden peach centerpiece that is a stunner! We’re giving peach and buttery golden colors their time in the limelight because it’s not always about pinks when it comes to wedding flowers and colors!

Dreamy Golden Peach Centerpiece – DIY Tutorial

The “ingredients” to our dreamy golden peach centerpiece:

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Ingredients
The ingredients list has a lot of different kinds of flowers and more variety than a lot of our other DIY tutorials. You certainly do not need to use all of the flowers we listed and can also sub in other flowers in similar shades. Some great alternatives include: roses, garden roses, spray roses, clematis (if columbine isn’t available), and scabiosa.

The coral salmon ranunculus you see in our tutorial is a special variety from the Italian Cloni® line of ranunculus. This family of ranunculus is known for really gorgeous blooms that tend to have more layers of petals and a larger bloom size than your usual ranunculus varieties. So the size of the bloom you see in our pics is larger than your average ranunculus!

Step 1: Process and Hydrate Flowers

If you’ve ordered flowers from us, they’ll need a little TLC to ensure they’re at their best! Flowers delivered straight from the farm may look a little tired on arrival, but just give them a fresh cut and some time in water and they’ll perk up and blooms will start to open up!

Process the flowers by carefully removing them from any packaging and wraps. Next, fill up clean vases or buckets with fresh room temperature water. Give each stem a fresh cut at a diagonal and immediately place in water. If any foliage falls below the water line, gently remove the leaves to help keep your water clean.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Hydrate Flowers

Flowers typically need at least 6-8 hours to fully hydrate and usually I hydrate my flowers at a minimum of one full day before arranging them. Some flowers like star of Bethlehem can even use more time (3-4 days) for all the buds to bloom.

For more detailed care and handling instructions, you can read our flower care posts that offer tips on specific flowers (like our ranunculus care guide).

Step 2: Prep Blooms

Once your flowers are fully hydrated and ready to go, you can make arranging easier by first prepping your blooms. That means cleaning up stems by pulling off foliage that would sit below the water line or the top of your vase.

I also like to have everything laid out in groups and easily accessible so everything is in quick reach once I start arranging.

Step 3: Begin Arranging

For our golden peach centerpiece, we’re using a faux concrete vase (about 6″ across). The soft grey color pairs well with our light golden peach colors and will hide the mess of stems so guests only see the beautiful blooms!

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Clean vase

To start, criss-cross several stems of greens to create a base.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Crisscross stems

Next, set in one of the focal blooms (our large coral salmon ranunculus) and set in some stems of butterfly ranunculus again in a criss-cross pattern. This helps set up a natural grid inside your vase to help support the flowers as you add more stems.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Set focal blooms

Set in more focal blooms to fill in the empty spaces. Make sure you cut the stems at different lengths to create differing heights for the blooms.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Cut stems at varying lengths

Start to add in your secondary flowers (tulips, columbine and lisianthus) and don’t be afraid to let them bend out and flow from the center of the arrangement.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Add secondary flowers

Use filler blooms (star of Bethlehem and allium) to fill in the smaller gaps and also add finer texture between your larger flowers.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Tuck in filler flowers

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Continue adding flowers

For flowers like columbine that can have natural curves, use those lines to your advantage! Let the blooms “float” out from your centerpiece. I love how it almost looks like butterflies floating above the blooms!

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Add columbine

As your filling out the centerpiece, tuck in some additional greens to contrast the golden peach colors. I also like to use the israeli ruscus to add a little height and help support surrounding flowers.

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Use ruscus for support and height

Step 4: You’re done!

Once you’ve filled in all the gaps and are happy with the shape and size of the arrangement – you’re done!

Golden Peach Centerpiece - Completed!

Our golden peach centerpiece uses a lot of different flower types to create a really beautiful and textured arrangement. If you’re still a beginner at floral design, you can simplify this centerpiece by using a smaller mix of flowers that would still create a gorgeous arrangement.

Golden Peach Centerpiece

I hope this tutorial helps inspire you to create a dreamy golden peach centerpiece of your own! This would be beautiful for a wedding reception or any spring season event. And if you want some more spring inspiration check out our recent spring flowers guide and our other DIY tutorials.


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