DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package

It’s summer and that means it’s wedding season! We have so many brides who want to DIY their bridal bouquet and centerpieces and you want to know what the most requested flowers are? Peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus! I like to call it the trifecta of flowers! The combination of these flowers is so gorgeous and you really can’t go wrong when you combine these beautiful blooms!

To make it easier for our wedding and event customers, we put together an Ultra Luxe Flower Package – a customizable all-in-one package of peonies, David Austin garden roses, ranunculus and seasonal secondary flowers, fillers and greens. To show you how easy it is to create arrangements using this package, we’re sharing a bouquet and centerpiece tutorial that uses flowers and greens you can get in our Ultra Luxe Flower Package.

The “ingredients” used to create the bouquet (Note: centerpieces used fewer stems per arrangement):

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Ingredients

DIY Prep

Before you start arranging your bouquets and centerpieces, you always want to make sure your flowers are fully hydrated. Some blooms, like peonies, arrive in bud form, so they’ll need some time in water to open up. (You can read detailed care and handling tips in our peony care post.) For most flower types, including the flowers in our Ultra Luxe Flower Package, we typically recommend that you have them delivered 2 days before your event date. So if you’re event is on Saturday, select Thursday for a delivery date. That will give you plenty of time to prep all the flowers and give them time to drink up!

Once flowers are fully hydrated, I like to prep my stems. That means trimming off any thorns from roses and removing foliage from the lower part of the stems that would get in the way as you form the bouquet.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Prep Flowers

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Prep Flowers

You can also trim down greens to more manageable sizes. Greenery like eucalyptus and olive branches often have lateral stems and branches that you can trim off to make it easier to arrange into your bouquet.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Trim greens

DIY Bouquet

There are differing methods to arranging a bouquet. There isn’t only one right way! So you can follow the steps in our tutorial, but feel free to adjust to what your comfortable with and also if you want a different structure or shape to your bouquet.

For this bouquet, start with your focal flowers (peonies and garden roses) that will be at the center point of the bouquet.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Start with Focal Flowers

Then start to build around these by adding secondary flowers like spray roses and ranunculus.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Add secondary flowers and greens

Fill in gaps with filler flowers like astilbe and tuck in greens between blooms to add pops of greenery between the pinks and peach colors. While arranging a bouquet, keep a relaxed hold on the stems. It’ll make it easier to add more flowers to the bouquet. As you add more flowers, your grasp on the bouquet will naturally fill in with the added stems. Keep adding flowers to the bouquet until it’s the shape and size that you want.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Form Bouquet

One tip when arranging bouquets is to arrange in front of a mirror or have one close by so you can easily see the bouquet from all angles. It’ll help make sure you don’t accidentally leave any gaps and that the bouquet looks great from all sides.

Once you’re happy with the bouquet, secure the stems by wrapping floral tape around the stems to hold everything together.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Wrap stems with floral tape

Give the stems an even trim leaving them long enough so that the bouquet can easily sit in a vase of water to rest and hydrate before the big day. You can give the stems their final trim and wrap with ribbon of your choice before the ceremony.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Bouquet in water

DIY Centerpiece

To create matching centerpieces, the set up process is the same. Make sure your flowers are hydrated and stems are prepped. Your vases should be clean and filled with fresh room temperature water. For the centerpiece in this tutorial, I’m using a wooden box (5” square) that has a plastic liner inside.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Centerpiece

To start, choose your focal flowers (peonies and garden roses in this case) and cut down the stems. The blooms should sit about 1-2” above the edge of the vase. You can crisscross the stems of the focal blooms inside your vase. This creates a frame of support for your smaller flowers within the centerpiece. If you’re planning to use a wider vase, then you can use some loosely balled up floral mesh wire (i.e. chicken wire) inside your vase to help support the stems; or you can use waterproof floral tape to tape off a grid across the top of your vase.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Crisscross stems

Continue adding flowers, using secondary flowers (ranunculus and spray roses), filler blooms (like astilbe) and greens to fill in the vase. Don’t be afraid to let things flow out from the centerpiece. I think centerpieces look best when they are not too uniformly structured. A slightly stray bloom here and a olive branch sticking out there gives the centerpiece a more natural look.

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - Build centerpiece

Once the vase is filled in, you’re done! Just repeat the same steps to make additional centerpieces. I recommend arranging everything the day before your wedding or event. You don’t need to worry about having a floral fridge to store everything. Just keep everything in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat and the flowers will be fine. Keep an eye on the water levels because some flowers can drink up a lot! So before you call it a day the night before your event, make sure you check all the centerpieces to ensure they have enough water! You don’t want to wake up to dried out blooms on the day of your wedding!

DIY with our Ultra Luxe Flower Package - DIY centerpiece

So that’s all there is to it to to using flowers in our Ultra Luxe Flower package to create DIY bouquets and centerpieces. You can have the fanciest blooms at your wedding for an affordable cost by DIY-ing the arrangements yourself! As you can see it’s not too difficult to do at all. If you’re new to floral arranging, we definitely recommend that you do at least one practice run so that you can make sure you’re comfortable with the process. You can practice with flowers from your garden or pick up some inexpensive blooms at the grocery store. Even though they may not be peonies, garden roses or ranunculus, it still helps to practice with any flower type!

Also, make sure to check out our Ultra Luxe Flower Package and all our other wedding packages. If you don’t see something that you like, then just contact us and we can help put together a custom package to fit your needs! And of course always feel free to drop us a line with any questions! We are here to help!


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