DIY With our Roses and Ranunculus Package

DIY With our Roses and Ranunculus Package

What’s better than roses? Getting roses AND ranunculus! They are both such beautiful flowers and they look great together. So, we’ve created a new rose and ranunculus package where you can get both of these flowers together and what’s even better is that you get to customize the colors! There is so much you can do with these two beautiful blooms and so I thought I would show you a quick and easy DIY that is perfect for decorating your home for a dinner party or small event.

The “ingredients” to this DIY centerpiece:

Ingredients for DIY centerpiece

Before arranging the flowers, it’s best to let them hydrate for at least a few hours before working with them. This will give the blooms time to drink up water and open up a little more.  For the roses and ranunculus you see in these photos, I had them hydrating in buckets for one day before arranging them.

To start, first prep your roses by carefully removing leaves. You can also snip off any thorns if you want to avoid any pricks.

Remove leaves and thorns from roses

Our roses are shipped with guard petals on to better protect the bloom during shipping. It also prevents the roses from prematurely opening too quickly.  Since these have a rougher look, you can carefully peel these away:

Pull off any guard petals

Next step is to remove the leaves from the stems of ranunculus. You can also pull away the smaller offshoots that are attached to the main stem. You can use these in your arrangement for some variation in size and texture, but if you don’t like the look of them, just remove and discard.

Prep the ranunculus

For this arrangement I used a simple glass rectangle vase. You can find these anywhere. This particular one is from IKEA from their REKTANGEL line and it’s super affordable at $1.99 each!  Since I knew I would be using this centerpiece on a dining table, I didn’t want guests to see all the stems. To hide them, you can use a ti leaf wrapped inside the vase. Depending on the size of the leaf and your vase, you may have to do a little trimming to get the leaf to fit.

Trim the ti leaf to fit your vase

Carefully wrap ti leaf inside vase

With the leaf in place, pour water into your vase and it’s time to start arranging!

Fill up vase with water

Begin with the roses and cut the stems to the length that fits your vase. For this centerpiece, I wanted it to have a low and rounded shape, so you’ll see that the blooms sit just above the top of the vase. Keep filling in using different colors of roses and ranunculus until you have a centerpiece sized to what you like.

Building the centerpiece starting with roses

Roses and Ranunculus DIY Centerpiece

So, pretty easy DIY right? Anyone can do this, even a complete novice. Working with just two types of flowers keeps things simple and easy to arrange. This centerpiece with its red, pink and white hues is perfect for a bridal or baby shower, birthday party or really any event or excuse to have beautiful flowers around the house! And if reds and pinks are not your thing, then customize your roses and ranunculus package with yellows and oranges or lavender and purple or whatever color combo suits your fancy.

Roses and Ranunculus DIY Centerpiece

Roses and Ranunculus DIY Centerpiece

Hope you enjoyed this one and let us know if you have any questions or have a wish list of other packages you want to see! Also, if you haven’t entered our giveaway yet, we’re going to be giving one lucky winner 3 months of roses. So be sure to put your hat into the ring by March 1st! You can get details and enter through this link here.



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