DIY Red & White Holiday Centerpiece

DIY Red & White Holiday Centerpiece

December is definitely one of my favorite times of year and I love seeing all the holiday decorations go up around the neighborhood!  In our house, we haven’t yet gotten a tree to decorate but we’ve certainly been experimenting with flowers for Christmas for some time. The holiday season is a great time to put together beautiful fresh flowers in your home.  Flowers can really help add that extra special touch to a room to make your holiday party a truly special event!

I thought it would be fun to show you a recent festive holiday centerpiece that we had in our home with garden roses taking center stage.

The “ingredients” I used to create this centerpiece:

Holiday Centerpiece Ingredients

To start, prep all the flowers. That means removing any thorns and foliage from the garden roses. Also, snowberry branches can be large and a bit unwieldy so I cut off some laterals so that I would have more manageable sized stems to work with.

I wanted to put this on our long buffet table so I knew a long and narrow arrangement would best fit the space. This low charcoal grey metal vase was the perfect choice!

Holiday Centerpiece - low narrow vase

To start building the arrangement, create a frame of snowberries on each side of the vase. Since garden roses are the star of this show, place them at the center of the vase. I chose to group them by color, but do whatever fits your taste! Given the low vase, I did have to cut the stems down quite a bit. Since these beauties have a large bloom size, they can easily support each other and so I didn’t need to use any type of support like floral foam or a floral frog.

Holiday Centerpiece - adding roses

From there, tuck in small bits of snowberry in between the roses break it up a little with pops of different texture. Lastly, use the astilbe and waxflower to add a little softness and fine texture and also a little height to the arrangement.

Red and white holiday centerpiece

After finishing up shots in the studio, I was lucky to be able to enjoy this pretty centerpiece for almost a week! It was perfect on the sideboard where it would have made a great decoration for a dessert buffet! I may just have to make this one again for the next party!

Red and White Holiday Centerpiece

Red and White Holiday Centerpiece - closeup

Hope this helps inspire you to create something beautiful for your home or to arrange a holiday gift designed by you with love! Also, check out our favorite picks for holiday flower gifts on our site!



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