DIY Purple and Blush Centerpiece

DIY Purple and Blush Centerpiece

To kick off the first DIY post of the year, I’m sharing an easy little purple and blush centerpiece that has the dark colors of winter, but hints at soon to come spring season!  It’s a fun mix of colors for when you want something with a little dramatic flair yet still want a look that is fresh and light.

The “ingredients” to put this together:

DIY Purple & Blush Centerpiece Ingredients

I wanted to create a small scale centerpiece because sometimes you don’t need something so grand! I used a mint julep cup as a vase and started with the garden roses as a base

Step 1 - Create Base with Blush Roses

Next, I tucked the purple anemones in between the garden roses.  The Dutch anemones I used had varying shades of purple which happens with natural flowers. I love the depth and range of color it adds to the arrangement!

Step 2 - Add Anemones

Next, I tucked in 2 stems of white astilbe to give the centerpiece a little height and fine texture.

Step 3 - Add White Astilbe

Last, I cut shorter laterals from a stem of Lady’s Mantle (I love the delicate look of this green filler flower!) and tucked those in empty spaces between the other flowers to finish up the arrangement!

Step 4 - Tuck in Lady's Mantle

This purple and blush centerpiece is quick and easy to put together and you can easily scale it to something much larger if you want a more grand arrangement for a wedding or event. The color combination is not typical, but I love the intense purples paired against the pale roses.  It’s like an intersection of winter and spring – you get the best of both worlds!

DIY Purple and Blush Centerpiece


DIY Purple & Blush Centerpiece - Close up

I hope that you find these step-by-step DIY recipes helpful! We love experimenting with interesting combinations of flowers and colors and sharing them with you. Let us know if there is something you want to see – we always love hearing from you!



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