DIY Bouquet Recipe: Ivory Peach Garden Rose Bouquet

DIY Bouquet Recipe: Ivory Peach Garden Rose Bouquet

In yesterday’s post, we talked about astilbe, a beautiful feathery flower that works really well in arrangements. Today I thought we’d share an easy bouquet recipe that uses this fun bloom in a creamy peach color that is great for a light fall color scheme but could work for any time of the year!

The “ingredients” to this bouquet:

Ivory Peach - Bouquet Ingredients

Start out by prepping your flowers. For the roses, remove any thorns and foliage from the stems and any browned outer guard petals from the bloom. Caramel Antike garden roses can have some very fine thorns, so be careful when handling them. For the astilbe, you can remove the green leaves unless you want to include them in your bouquet.

Prepping Caramel Antike Garden Roses

With everything laid out and ready to go, start to form your bouquet. As I add stems of roses, I tuck in stems of astilbe in between them.  Continue building out your bouquet until you have the shape and size that you want.

Building the bouquet

At the end, I tucked in my greens at the back of the bouquet so they create a backdrop for the beautiful blooms.  Once you’re happy with the look, wrap everything together with floral tape to secure the stems.

Secure stems of bouquet

Then, cover the tape with ribbon or fabric of your choice (I used a matching satin ribbon in a champagne color) and you’re done!

Ivory Peach Garden Rose Bouquet - in hand

I love how the soft color of the roses is further accentuated by the little wisps of white astilbe that peek out in between them. This ivory peach garden rose bouquet has a dreamy romantic feel to it that makes it perfect as a bridal bouquet. The handful of “ingredients” also makes this an easy DIY bouquet that doesn’t require a lot of design experience to create.

Ivory Peach Garden Rose Bouquet

Ivory Peach Garden Rose Bouquet - Close up

I hope this inspires you to try something out like this for yourself. You can swap in any color of garden roses or astilbe and easily create a similar bouquet that fits your color scheme. If you have any questions, always feel free to drop us line!



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