DIY Bouquet Recipe: Pink Roses & Sfumato Ranunculus

DIY Bouquet Recipe: Pink Roses & Sfumato Ranunculus

Last week we started our “WTF?” flower education series with an introduction to the gorgeous Sfumato ranunculus. I thought it would be great to show you an easy DIY bouquet with these and some beautiful pink and white roses.  It’s such a simple recipe that even a floral design newbie should be able to whip this together in no time.

This DIY bouquet recipe just has two “ingredients”:

DIY Bouquet Ingredients

Start by prepping your flowers. For the roses, remove thorns and foliage from the stems and any outer guard petals.  For the ranunculus, remove foliage and if you don’t want the smaller unopened offshoot blooms in your bouquet, then remove these from the stem.

DIY Bouquet Prep

Once you have everything ready, organize the flowers on your workspace so you can easily grab the flowers. Make sure you also have floral tape ready to go so you can wrap the stems once the bouquet is finished. If you’re into cooking, it’s like mise en place, but with flowers instead of food!

To start, think about what you want featured in the front of the bouquet and start from there to form your bouquet.  Keep adding flowers until you have the shape and size that you want. I only used 4 roses in the bouquet (one featured prominently in the front), but you can find the mix that works for you.

DIY Bouquet in the making

Once you’re happy with the bouquet, wrap the stems with floral tape. Trim the stems to the length that you want and wrap them up with ribbon or fabric of your choice. I used some simple white satin ribbon and left long flowing ends that would trail so beautifully in a slight breeze!

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Side View

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Roses & Ranunculus

Roses and Ranunculus Bouquet

So pretty simple and easy to make, right?  But the end result is still stunning since the beauty of the roses and ranunculus shine through!  You can certainly spruce this up with some other flowers or greenery, but for those of you looking for something uncomplicated, this will certainly fit the bill!

For a wedding, you can create a large sized bouquet for the bride, medium sized versions for the bridesmaids, and small little nosegay versions for the flower girls. What’s even better is that you could create these with a budget as low as $300 if you shop through our store.  Not bad I say!

Roses & Ranunculus Giveaway

Or you can try your luck with a giveaway that we’re running through Sept 4th. We’re giving one lucky winner a box of 6 dozen roses and 30 ranunculus. That’s over 100 stems – plenty to make lots of bouquets! Or decorate every corner of your house and STILL have enough left over to share some happiness. You can enter here:

Hope you enjoyed this DIY bouquet recipe and let us know if you have a favorite flower you want us to feature in a future recipe!



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