DIY Bouquet Recipe: Campanella Peach Garden Roses

DIY Bouquet Recipe: Campanella Peach Garden Roses

So now that you know the difference between garden roses and regular roses from our last post, we thought it would be fitting to show you a SUPER easy DIY bouquet recipe with garden roses. This is so easy that even the most design challenged should be able to pull this off and it certainly helps when you’re working with garden roses as pretty as these!  You can’t really do much to mess these up!

The DIY Bouquet recipe “ingredient”:

DIY Bouquet Recipe Ingredients - Campanella Peach Garden Roses

Yes, that’s right – there is only ONE ingredient to this bouquet, but don’t worry – the results are still gorgeous!  If you’re a newbie to flower arranging, it’s best to keep it simple and use only a few different types of flowers or in this case, just one. “Campanella Peach” garden roses have a wide bloom size so 8-10 stems is enough to create a large sized bouquet. For smaller bridesmaid bouquets, 5-6 stems would be enough.

To start off, you should hydrate your garden roses in water before working with them.  In the case of these “Campanella Peach” roses, I had these hydrate for 2 days to allow the blooms to open up before creating this bouquet. How long to hydrate the roses is a combination of how wide you like the blooms to be and also when your wedding or event is!  For most garden roses, 1-2 days is all you’ll need.

Once the roses are hydrated, prep the stems by removing any thorns and foliage from the stems and carefully plucking off any outer guard petals on the blooms. These are the outermost petals that can be rougher, darker in color and sometimes a little brown on the edges. They are left on to help protect the whole bloom during shipping.

Carefully remove guard petals

Lay out your prepped stems, have your floral tape handy and let’s get started!  Start out with 3 blooms and overlap the stems to start forming your bouquet. Decide which bloom you want featured in the front and use that as your anchor point. Continue to add garden roses to the bouquet, rotating it in your hand. Go back to your anchor point to check that the overall shape is to your liking. For garden roses like these, they are perfectly suited for a rounded bouquet shape.

DIY Bouquet Recipe - set an anchor point

Campanella Garden Roses Bouquet - tape stems

Once you are happy with the size and shape of the bouquet, wrap the stems with tape to secure everything together. Then you’ll want to trim the stems to your desired length. Wrap them with your choice of ribbon or cloth and secure with floral pins or glue. We used a champagne colored satin ribbon for ours, but anything can work – burlap if you want a rustic touch or lace for a feminine and delicate accent.

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Campanella Garden Roses

One tip – if you’re planning to wrap most of the stem so only a little bit (or none) of the stems show at the bottom, you should leave an extra inch or two when you trim the stems so that you can still put the bouquet in water without getting your ribbon or cloth wet.  Just make sure someone has cutting shears ready so that the stems can be trimmed off right before the ceremony!

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Peach Garden Roses

I love how luxurious and not to mention wonderful smelling this bouquet is! Garden roses are so beautiful on their own and a bouquet like this is easy to DIY.  If “Camapanella Peach” garden roses are not quite in your budget, then a great substitute would be “Free Spirit” garden roses which have a similar (albeit a bit darker) pink peach color and ruffled petals.

I hope this DIY bouquet recipe inspires you to try your hand at creating your own bouquet. Let us know if you have any questions – we love to help!



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