DIY Bouquet Recipe: Garden Roses, Curcuma & Clematis

DIY Bouquet Recipe: Garden Roses, Curcuma & Clematis

Our last post was all about the unique curcuma flower and I only thought it appropriate to show you how wonderful this bloom can look in an arrangement. My mantle has been suffering from lack of anything fresh lately, so this recipe is a vase arrangement that looks complex but is actually really easy to put together!

The “ingredients” to this DIY bouquet recipe:

DIY Bouquet Recipe Ingredients: Garden Roses Curcuma Clematis

To start off, prep all your flowers. For the garden roses, that means carefully removing any thorns, pulling off foliage and any guard petals (these are the outer petals that are a little rougher looking and may sometimes have a bit of browning).

Prep Garden Roses - Remove guard petals

For the curcuma, pull away the long leaf that is sometimes attached to each stem and for the veronica, pull off lower foliage that would sit below the water line. Keeping the water free of any foliage will help your arrangement last longer. You may need to pull off more later once you see how the veronica will sit within the design.

For the vase, I decided to use a black marble wine cooler. I wanted a medium height container and the dark glossy surface would be a nice contrast to the purple and pink flowers.  For a design like this, you can pick any container you want but it’ll be easier to choose one with not too wide of an opening (mine was only 4” across). Also if you don’t want the stems to show, then choose something opaque.

With everything prepped and easily on hand, start with the garden roses. Create a base with them by cutting them so they sit low in your vase.

Create a base of garden roses

Next, use the veronica and curcuma to start giving your arrangement some height. Place a grouping of curcuma to one side and add veronica in small groupings of 2-3 stems on both sides of the arrangement. I added another garden rose to fill in the design mid-height.

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Garden Roses Curcuma and Veronica

Lastly, carefully insert the clematis. This flowering vine has a natural bend to it, so it creates a nice lateral flow that gives the overall arrangement a wider presence. Don’t worry about forcing it into an exact place. One of the wonderful things about flower arranging is letting the flowers naturally go where they want. You’ll be surprised that most of the time, the end result is gorgeous!

DIY Bouquet Recipe - Final arrangement

This DIY bouquet recipe is great for a special spot in your home like a mantle or entry table.  Or, create it to decorate a wedding or special event. You’ll find that it’s not difficult to design something beautiful!

DIY Bouquet Recipe in Pinks and Purples

DIY Bouquet Recipe with Garden Roses, Curcuma, Clematis & Veronica

Hope you enjoyed this bouquet recipe and let us know if you have any questions! You can shop all our types of flowers to create your own design!



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