December 2014 Calendar

December 2014 Calendar

December 2014 CalendarCan you believe it? December is here!  The craziness, but also fun of the holidays is now officially upon us! For the last calendar of this year, I decided to showcase a quintessential December flower that you see a lot this month – Amaryllis!  Our December 2014 calendar features classic red amaryllis. It’s beautiful and vibrant so I thought it would be something you would enjoy seeing each day this month!

Did you know that amaryllis come in a wide range of colors? White and red are the most common, but amaryllis come in dark burgundy, green, orange and even a gorgeous soft peach.  There is also what we call “mini amaryllis” that have a more delicate slender look. You can read more about it in our WTF (“What’s that flower?”) post about them. Also, you can view our full selection of fresh cut amaryllis. They are an easy way to decorate your home and they make a gorgeous gift too! You can also check out our full collection of holiday flowers if you need some gift giving or decorating ideas.

Thanks to everyone who have left such sweet comments about our calendars. It makes us happy to see people enjoying and using them. We plan on creating another set for 2015 so if there is anything you want to see, just let me know!

I hope that 2014 has been a great year and that it ends on a high note for you!



 To download your free December 2014 calendar:

Click on the size that is best suited for your computer. The image will open up to full screen. Right click on the image and save the file to your computer.  You can then follow your operating system’s instructions for using the image as a desktop wallpaper.

December 2014 Calendar


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