Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece

Have you seen our December 2017 calendar wallpaper featuring amaryllis? During the winter season, we love all the different colors of amaryllis that are available and so for our DIY tutorial today, we’re sharing a gorgeous dark pink amaryllis centerpiece!

Amaryllis is the main focus flower in this arrangement, but the addition of garden roses, ranunculus and tulips create a beautiful mix that would be perfect for a wedding or event or to decorate your table for the holidays or a special occasion!

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece – DIY Tutorial

The “ingredients” in our dark pink amaryllis centerpiece:

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Ingredients

Step 1: Hydrate Flowers

Amaryllis arrive in a bud stage, so you’ll want to give them time to hydrate and bloom before arranging them. The blooming process typically takes a few days so make sure you time your delivery depending on when you’ll need your centerpiece. We recommend amaryllis delivery at least 3-4 days before your event date. You can read our amaryllis care and handling tips for detailed instructions on how to care for the buds on arrival.

All the other flowers – garden roses, ranunculus and tulips – will also need 1-2 days in water to hydrate and open up. You can follow the links above to detailed care tips and just keep everything in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight as they drink up!

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Hydrate flowers

Step 2: Prep Flowers

Once the flowers are hydrated, you’ll want to prep them for arranging. That means removing any thorns from the garden roses and gently pulling off any foliage on the flower stems that would sit below the water line. This will help keep the water clean and ensure a good vase life for the flowers.

For the amaryllis, you can also gently remove the outer layer that falls and dries out as the buds open up. Carefully peel or snip this part off to help keep your stems looking clean.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Prep Flowers

Step 3: Begin Arranging

For this centerpiece, we’re using a faux cement vase (about 5-6” across). In order to help secure the flowers inside the vase, you can use a floral frog. If you don’t have one, you can also tape a grid across the top of the vase or use loosely balled up floral wire mesh (aka chicken wire). You’ll want to keep in mind that the stems of amaryllis can be large, so make sure your grid or mesh allows enough room for the stems.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Use floral frog or other support

To start, trim an amaryllis stem so that the blooms sit at least a 1-2 inches above the edge of the vase. Carefully push the amaryllis stem into the floral frog so the stem is held where you want the amaryllis to be.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Set amaryllis

Next, trim and set garden roses around the amaryllis, varying the height of the blooms. Begin tucking in stems of greenery to create a base and backdrop for the flowers.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Fill in around amaryllis

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Tuck in greens

Use smaller flowers – ranunculus and tulips – to fill in the smaller gaps between the garden roses and amaryllis blooms and don’t be afraid to allow your tulips to naturally bend out of the vase.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece  - Use ranunculus to fill in small spaces
Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Arrange flowers

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Let tulips bend

Continue to fill in the vase and cut and place the second stem of amaryllis so it sits a little higher than the first stem. This helps create height and a contrasting point which I think creates a more interesting and natural looking structure. If you prefer a more uniform and rounded look, then keep the flowers all around the same height.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Add second amaryllis

As you’re arranging, turn your vase to view the centerpiece from all angles. This is important if your dark pink amaryllis centerpiece is going to be visible on all sides (like if you’re setting it in the middle of a round table). If your centerpiece is going to sit against a wall where you can only view from the front, then you can reduce the number of flowers needed by not filling in the back with blooms.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece - Rotate vase to view all angles

Step 4: Enjoy your work!

Once you’ve filled in your vase and you’re happy with the structure and size of your dark pink amaryllis centerpiece – you’re done! Make sure your vase has enough water and set your centerpiece in a cool place for the best vase life.

Dark Pink Amaryllis Centerpiece

That’s all there is to creating a beautiful dark pink amaryllis centerpiece! This would be lovely for a wedding reception or bridal or baby shower. If pink is not your thing, then you can switch the color palette by using a different color of amaryllis and coordinating your other flowers to match. If you want to see what colors we offer, check out our amaryllis collection.

While this arrangement is not for a novice, it’s also not too difficult to create with a little practice and patience! Just remember to handle amaryllis with care as the stems are hollow and prone to splitting. I hope that this DIY tutorial inspires you to create something for yourself and if you have any questions, just leave us a comment below or send us an email!


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