Coral and Peach Bouquet

Coral and Peach Bouquet

Our recent post on our favorite coral flowers inspired me to come up with a fun and colorful bouquet that features some coral blooms. Coral is such a great color for a bright summer wedding and of course coral peonies were a top choice to feature in this bouquet.

The “ingredients” for this coral and peach bouquet:


Rather than go with all bold colors, I wanted to let the coral color shine through and so I paired it with more muted peach and blush flowers. If you did want to brighten things up a bit more, then you could use yellow poppies and garden roses to create a more vivid bouquet.

To start, you’ll want to work with flowers that have hydrated in water so the blooms are open (especially for the poppies and garden roses). If you want a closed peony bloom look, then you’ll want to use your coral peonies soon after they arrive; otherwise you can wait until they have opened up before you begin arranging them. If you want to learn more about how to speed up or slow down the bloom rate, you can read details in our peony care and handling post.

To start, you’ll want to prep your flowers. Remove any thorns and foliage from the roses and gently pull back leaves from the peonies. You may also want to separate out lamb’s ear leaves and smaller bunches of dusty miller into manageable sizes for arranging. With everything laid out, the next step is to start creating the bouquet!

Coral and Peach Bouquet - remove thorns & foliage

I like to start with the largest flower (peonies in this case) as a starting point and slowly build out the bouquet adding the other flowers, making sure to alternate the flower types.

Since this is a more structured bouquet you can place flowers with more bendable stems like poppies towards the center so they are supported by the other flowers.

Forming the coral and peach bouquet

I like the velvety look and feel of lamb’s ear and dusty miller and they add a muted green-grey color that can soften the look of a bouquet; however, these can tend to be floppier greens, so they are best tucked between other blooms that will support them. If you want something brighter, then you can certainly use something like ruscus, salal (lemon leaves) or any other bright green leaves.

Coral and Peach Bouquet - closeup

Once you’ve built out the bouquet to the shape and size that you like, use floral tape to keep the stems together and then wrap the bouquet with ribbon of your choice (I used a combination of white and champagne colored satin ribbon) and you’re done!

Tape stems of coral and peach bouquet

If you don’t want your peonies opening up more, then you can store the bouquet upright in water in a refrigerator (keep the blooms dry and away from fruits & vegetables). The cold temperature will prevent the peonies from opening up more (just make sure it’s not freezing!). Otherwise, you can keep the bouquet in water in a cool place until it’s time for the ceremony!

Coral and Peach Bouquet - Side

Coral and Peach Bouquet - Front

This coral and peach bouquet is easy to DIY and would be perfect for a summer wedding (or really anytime that coral peonies are available!). We hope this inspires you to create something beautiful for your wedding or event and drop us a line if you have any questions!



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