Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet

It is all about fall colors right now and I love how differently people can interpret what that means. For some, it’s darker moody shades of burgundy and deep purples whereas for others it’s bright reds and oranges. Either way, we’ve been seeing some stunning fall bouquets this season and I wanted to share a bright orange and yellow fall bouquet that I made to show one take on fall colors and how easy it can be to DIY.

The “ingredients” for this fall bouquet:

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet - Ingredients

For this bouquet I chose a mix of bright oranges and yellows, but had the brown ranunculus mixed in for some dark color contrast. You might notice that the mini callas look a little different. That’s because these are double headed mini callas! These are not purposely grown like this, but are just accidents of nature! Cool right? We don’t have these available on our site, but just contact us to special order if you’re interested.

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet - closeup

There really is no secret trick to putting this bouquet together. Make sure all the flowers have been hydrated in water before you start arranging them and just start gathering stems to form the bouquet. If your tulips are bending more than you like, use sturdier blooms like the mini callas to help support the tulips. For the gloriosa lilies, these are delicate so it’s best to let these sit higher above the other flowers. They are spectacular looking and you’ll want them to shine!

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet - DIY

Once you’re happy with the shape and size of the bouquet, secure the stems with floral tape. Then to cover the tape, wrap a ti leaf around the stems to create a natural ribbon. Carefully pin the leaf to secure it to the stems. The variegated version adds the nice green color of ti leaves, but creates a natural stripe pattern from the pale yellow colors in the leaf.

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet - full view

This bright orange and yellow fall bouquet has such a sunny and cheery mood; which is different from the more dramatic bouquets you may see during the fall season. Everyone has different tastes and styles and so hopefully this inspires you to find what works for you, whether or not you’re planning a wedding in the fall!

Bright Orange and Yellow Fall Bouquet - side view

For those who want something more dramatic and in darker tones, stay tuned for our next DIY tutorial. In the meantime, check out our collection of fall flower gifts and we also have a new customizable fall flowers wedding package too. As always, feel free to drop us a line with any questions. We love hearing from you!



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