Blush Pink DIY Centerpiece

Blush Pink DIY Centerpiece

Blush peonies are one of my favorite peonies and with the last of the crop from our east coast farms for this season, I put together an easy blush pink DIY centerpiece with some other fun blooms that we’ve just added to our lineup.

The color blush can mean different things to different people, but for us it’s a color that ranges from a very pale light pink to almost white. The soft romantic look of blush makes it a popular color choice for weddings and it’s a great way to add just a touch of pink when you want to keep your colors light and airy.

The “ingredients” for this blush pink DIY centerpiece:

Blush Pink DIY Centerpiece - Ingredients

You should first fully hydrate your flowers before working with them. After arrival, most flowers should drink up water for at least 6-8 hours before you start arranging them. This is especially important for the peonies since you’ll want to give the blooms time to open up from bud stage.

If blush peonies don’t quite fit your budget (or are out of season), then there are some great alternatives that you could use instead. Garden roses like Keira or White O’hara (which is actually a blush color) have the same light color as blush peonies. If you don’t mind a slightly darker pink, then tinted pink hydrangea could also work in this centerpiece and you would only need 2-3 stems at most since they have a much larger bloom size.

With fully hydrated flowers, first prep your blooms by removing foliage from the stems.

Prep flowers by removing foliage from stems

The vase I’m using has a simple bowl shape with a faux concrete look. I taped off a grid to help keep everything in place. You could also use a floral frog (typically a disc with upright pins that you stick stems into to keep them in place) or even balled up chicken wire placed inside works too.

Use a grid to help keep stems in place

Create a base for your arrangement using the china berries and oak leaves. The oak leaf branches that I had were pretty large and I liked the way it looked – like they were growing out of the bowl. If you don’t have the space or want a tighter arrangement, you can just trim the branches down and arrange the leaves so they are more compact around the outer edge of the vase.

Create a base with greens

Next place your peonies front and center where they can shine. Cut the stems so the blooms sit at different levels to create a natural and unstructured look.

Place peonies in center

Start filling in the empty spaces with stems of scabiosa. Leave some longer stems to naturally curve out from the centerpiece. Use nigella to fill in lower gaps and use some longer stems to add some height. If you don’t have chocolate or white nigella you could use another filler flower like astilbe, astrantia or any other smaller bloom flower that you like. Use stems of gunni eucalyptus (or any other greens that you like) to help add height and fill in spaces with greenery. Once the shape of the centerpiece is to your liking, you’re done!

Finished centerpiece

An arrangement like this would look beautiful at a wedding or bridal shower or create it as a special gift for someone you love or for a treat just for yourself! Flowers are wonderful for the soul and the site of beautiful blooms can create a cheerful happy ambiance to help put people in a good mood!

Blush pink DIY centerpiece - front view

Blush pink DIY centerpiece - side view

Blush pink DIY centerpiece - closeup

I hope you liked this blush pink DIY centerpiece tutorial. If you want to recreate it for yourself, you can find links to buy the flowers in the ingredients list above. If you have any questions or want to see a tutorial for something specific, just leave a comment or drop us a line (




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