Behind the Scenes at the Tulip Farm

Behind the Scenes at the Tulip Farm

Tulip Farm BTSSpring is now officially here and maybe some of you are lucky enough to be enjoying a spring break right now!  For those who are still experiencing snow and cold weather – hang in there – the sun will be back out again soon! For everyone else in warmer climes, you are probably seeing gardens starting to come back to life, especially those with bulb flowers like tulips, daffodils, lilies, and hyacinths. Tulips are now produced year round, but spring is when they are at their best.

Our farm manager traveled a few weeks ago to one of the largest US producers of tulips and came back very excited about what he saw. Since most people have never seen what a tulip farm looks like, we thought we’d share a behind the scenes look at how some tulips are grown in the US.  You’re probably expecting to see pictures of huge tulip fields like in Holland; however, this farm grows most of its tulips hydroponically in greenhouses. Hydroponics you ask?  This is a method of growing plants not in soil, but in water.

Hydroponic Tulips

By growing tulips this way, the farm can more efficiently produce consistent flowers. They can better control the nutrients that the plants get (and it makes for cleaner tulips too – no sand or dirt in the leaves!).

Tulips in Greenhouse

As the plants grow and blooms start to form, it’s quite a site to see!

Tulip Blooms

Once they’re at the right stage, the whole plant (bulb included) is pulled and placed in large boxes so they can be kept upright as they move to get ready for shipping.

Tulips ready to go

The tulips are cut right before they are packed and shipped so they are at optimum freshness. Since tulips have a vase life of about 5-6 days, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment of them when you get them direct from the farm like this.

Tulips in vase

We hope you had fun getting a peek at how tulips are grown. They are such beautiful flowers and we’re excited to be able to ship them direct to you from our partner farms in US and Holland. We’ll have an upcoming post that gives you info on all the different types of tulips that are available as cut flowers – there are SO MANY! You can get a sneak at what we offer on our tulips page.  If you have a question about a particular type of tulip (or any flower), drop us a line.  We always love hearing from you!




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      Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you on this. We know our cut flowers, but I’m not versed in transferring hydroponic tulips to soil. Perhaps a gardening blog may be able to help!

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