Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece

We’re breaking out the holiday decorations and unpacking ornaments and of course flowers are a big part of our decorating over here! We love the Christmas season and having fresh flowers and greens around the house add so much to making things fun and festive.

One of our most recent new products is our Winter Flowers Collection which we put together with holiday parties and weddings in mind. The collection features some of the season’s best blooms and I thought I would show you an amaryllis and garden rose holiday centerpiece I made using flowers you can get in this collection with a few other flowers that we had in the studio added to it to make it even more luxurious!

The “ingredients” to this amaryllis and garden rose holiday centerpiece:

Holiday Centerpiece - Ingredients

You’ll want to start with flowers that have had some time to hydrate and open up. If you’ve never bought fresh cut amaryllis before, take a look at our post that shows how these beautiful blooms arrive. You’ll want to use amaryllis that have started to open up (that means they’ve been in water for about 2-3 days).  Garden roses, ranunculus, Star of Bethlehem and lisianthus should also spend at least 1-2 days in water before you start arranging with them.

Some of the other flowers I used, like sweet peas have a shorter vase life. If all your flowers are getting delivered at once, you can keep sweet peas in the refrigerator for a couple days (cut and store in water away from fruits and vegetables) so that they’ll keep until the other blooms are ready to arrange.

For this centerpiece, I used a long and low wooden vase with a plastic insert. This shape of vase is great for a rectangular dining table. To start, pull off the pollen covered antlers from the amaryllis. This will prevent any pollen from getting on the other flowers and on your clothes or linens. (If you do get pollen on something – read our post about removing pollen stains!)

Remove pollen covered antlers

Amaryllis can come with really long stems which you’ll want to cut down to keep the centerpiece low.  Start with these by placing them into the vase at opposite ends

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece - Step 1

If you need some help keeping stems in place, you can tape off a grid on the top of the vase using waterproof tape or place a floral frog at the bottom of the vase (these are the brush-like tools with pins sticking up that help keep stems in place). You can also use loosely balled up chicken wire, but just note that amaryllis stems may be too wide to get through chicken wire.

Next, you can use the hosta leaves to start creating a base for the centerpiece and begin placing in the garden roses.  Continue to fill in the centerpiece using a mix of blooms. More linear flowers like tulips and star of Bethlehem can add a little height and you can use astilbe, spray roses, sweet peas and lisianthus to fill in the rest of the centerpiece.

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece - Step 2

Cut stems at different lengths to create layers of blooms – some poking out more than others. Keep tucking in stems until you’re happy with the centerpiece.

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece - Step 3

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece - Final

I love how this amaryllis and garden rose holiday centerpiece showcases these feature blooms, but the supporting flowers like the tulips, Star of Bethlehem and other flowers add texture and help create a more intricate arrangement that would look beautiful for a holiday dinner party or wedding!

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece

Amaryllis and Garden Rose Holiday Centerpiece - Closeup

You can of course substitute other blooms like hypericum berries, standard tulips, carnations, or paperwhites to name just a few other flower types that would fit well into a centerpiece like this. Or check out our Winter Flowers Collection that lets you choose blooms to come up with your own customized package to create your own centerpieces.

Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with beautiful flowers and I hope this gives you some inspiration if you’re planning for a big holiday party or wedding.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment or drop us a line! Only a few more weeks till Christmas!



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