We love hearing from you guys

We love hearing from our customers and friends for any reason.  Have a random flower question, an update on how the wedding went, a funny story or a picture of your flowers to share?  Please get in touch with us!

I couldn’t help but share the photo below that Maggie H. from Long Beach, CA sent in a couple of weeks ago.  These pink mini-callas (garnet glow) were delivered to Maggie on May 12th and she took this photo June 25th!  We always talk about what a difference having truly fresh flowers makes and hopefully this picture drives that home.  Maggie said that of the 100 callas she used for her party, about 10 are still looking great and that all 100 looked fantastic for a full four weeks.

Certainly not all flowers varieties have the potential to last for a month or longer, but our promise to you is that we’ll get you the longest lasting flower that suits your needs – period.  OK, enough preaching about “freshness” for today.

Please send in your photos and thoughts – we love hearing from you guys.

Bionic Callas


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