Crazy Hydrangea Promotion Buy 2 Boxes and Get $35 Off!

I love pretty much all flowers, but there are some flowers that are just extra close to my heart.  One of those flowers happens to be the always amazing hydrangea.

Weather has been particularly wonderful at our hydrangea farm lately and we’ve think that we are going to have more hydrangeas being harvested than expected for the next month or so.  We want all of our hydrangeas to find a great home where someone can enjoy them, so for an extremely limited time, we are offering this (crazy) special: buy any two hydrangea boxes and get $35 off your second box until the end of July (with promo code “crazy35”)!  We’ve never been able to offer anything like this before (and may not be able to again).

As some of you know, we hate the “fine print”, so in an effort to keep things simple and honest a few other things:

  • If you want to order more than two boxes, we’ll keep applying the discount at $17.50 (half of $35.00) for every additional box that you add.  It wouldn’t be fair (or remotely cool) to not honor the discount on additional boxes.
  •  If you have an event that is later in the year than the end of July, that’s fine.  Why should you be penalized for needing  these later in the year?  We’ll honor the discount, as long as the order is placed in July, for any delivery date in 2011.
  • Like all our shipments, there are no shipping, handling, hidden or other fees.

So, if you like hydrangeas, click here to take a look at our hydrangea offering and take advantage of this special quickly!  As always, if you have any questions, just let us know:

Jumbo Blue Hydrangea


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