2015 Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

2015 Spring Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

I know you have been waiting for it and maybe the weather isn’t showing it yet, but tomorrow is the official start of spring! It’s been a long cold winter for much of the US so I bet many of you are ready for springtime (and spring flowers) to hit!

With the coming of spring, I always like to look to Pantone’s pick of spring colors for inspiration. This year it’s a soft palette of cooler hues with just a few warm tones to balance things out. The en plein air theme is so fitting for a season that is associated with rebirth and regrowth in nature.

Pantone 2015 Spring Color Report
Of course Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, is included in the mix and it pairs beautifully with the other colors in this spring palette. Using this for inspiration, we’ve put together a selection of flowers and greens inspired by these beautiful Pantone colors.

2015 Spring Flowers - Inspired by Pantone

(1) Blue Muscari (by request)  (2) Blue Hydrangea  (3) Blue Nigella  (4) Tweedia (by request)  (5) Succulent Echeveria Hookerii  (6) Baby Blue Eucalyptus  (7) Succulent Echeveria Derenbergii Blue (8) Jackpot Blue Eryngium  (9) Delphinium (by request)  (10) Smoke Bush Flowers  (11) Scabiosa Pods  (12) Wheat (by request)  (13) Pink and White Clematis  (14) Romantic Antike Garden Rose  (15) Pink Gerber Daisy  (16) Orange Mini Cymbidium Orchids   (17) Hi-intenze Garden Rose  (18) Orange Dahlia  (19) Yellow Eremurus  (20) Zanzibar Rose  (21) Poppies  (22) Burgundy Red Mini Calla Lily  (23) Magenta Red Hellebore  (24) Silver Kochia  (25) Silver Brunia  (26) Burgundy Dahlia  (27) Silver (Painted) Hydrangea


It’s amazing that there are even flowers and greens that are naturally similar to some of the Pantone colors like Classic Blue, Toasted Almond and Glacier Gray. Nature really does provide us with a bounty of colors! I hope this inspires you to come up with your own mix of favorite flowers and colors – whether you’re planning a wedding or event or just want to treat yourself to some blooms for your home.

As always, if you have any questions or need help choosing flowers, just drop us a line because our team is here to help! If you need more spring inspiration, you can check out last year’s Pantone spring color inspiration or check out our Spring Wedding Flowers board on Pinterest. Wishing you a fabulous spring season!



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