2015 Fall Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

2015 Fall Flowers – Pantone Inspiration

We are well into the fall season and hopefully you’re enjoying the changing fall colors and cooler temperatures where ever you are. (We’re in 90+ degree temps in Los Angeles so we’re still waiting for it to feel like fall!) With the arrival of the autumn season, that means fall flowers and colors are here and we love looking at Pantone’s 2015 fall color report for inspiration.

This season has a wide spectrum of colors, from pastels to bolder darker shades, all balanced out with earthy neutral colors:

Pantone 2015 Fall Color Report

The combination of colors creates a beautiful palette and we’ve put together our selection of flowers and greens inspired by these gorgeous Pantone colors:

2015 Fall Flowers - Pantone Color Inspiration

(1) Lavender Mini Calla Lilies   (2) Purple Clematis   (3) Pink Rose – Art Deco   (4) Lavender   (5) Pink Freesia   (6) Orange Carnation   (7) Pink Astilbe   (8) Orange Dahlia   (9) Orange Pincushion Protea   (10) Privet Berries   (11) Eucalyptus Pods (available by request)   (12) Dark Pink Mini Cymbidium Orchid   (13) Blue Eryngium Thistle   (14) Purple Smoke Bush Foliage   (15)  Purple Astrantia   (16) Butterscotch Rose – Zanzibar   (17) Scabiosa Pod   (18) Ivory Peach Garden Rose – Caramel Antike   (19) Succulent   (20) Dusty Miller   (21)  Silver Dollar Eucalyptus   (22) Silver Kochia   (23) Olive Branch   (24) Rosemary


These fall flowers would create such unique and colorful arrangements and hopefully these inspire new color and flower combinations that you may not have thought of before. Whether you’re planning a wedding or event or you just love this fall color palette, I hope you enjoy our favorite picks of fall flowers.

You can check out more fall flower inspiration on our fall gift page. My favorite product right now is our Fall Flowers Custom Gift Collection that lets you mix and match your favorite blooms with a choice of up to 3 different bunches of flowers for one great price. It’s perfect for decorating your own home or sending as a seasonal gift.

And if you need help choosing blooms or want suggestions of flowers to meet a specific color palette, just drop us a line! We’re happy to help! Hope you enjoy the fall season!


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