12 Flower Gifts of Christmas

12 Flower Gifts of Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is on and it’s a hectic time of year for everyone. If you still have some Christmas shopping to do and don’t know what to get those hard to shop for people on your list, we’ve put together our gift guide of the 12 Flower Gifts of Christmas!

Flowers always make a great gift and they can really help add a cheerful touch to make someone’s home even more festive!  So what kind of flowers to get? We’re here to help with our guide!


This is truly a classic flower!  Sending a bouquet of these is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them during the holidays. You’re not limited to traditional red or green for Christmas, but try a fun bi-color rose or even pink or lavender for those on your gift list with more colorful palettes!





Who wouldn’t love to receive a bunch of fresh cut peonies? It’s a luxurious and hard to find gift especially in December and one that will definitely be appreciated!  It’s a great choice for the person that seems to have it all! Give them something to decorate their mantle or bedside table and they’ll feel absolutely special every time they lay eyes on those gorgeous blooms!





After poinsettias, these are the holiday classic! Instead of sending a potted version where they may have to wait a few weeks for only a single stem to bloom, send a whole bunch of fresh cut amaryllis which will start to bloom in a few days and makes a fabulous easy arrangement! There are the traditional red and white colors, but you can also go more extravagant with our new cybister amaryllis varieties. For that person who seems to have it all, send them something they have never seen like cybister amaryllis!




Mini calla liliesMini Calla Lilies

Calla lilies make such a wonderful and long lasting gift! When properly cared for, your loved one can enjoy them for Christmas and well beyond the New Year too! They’ll enjoy these for weeks and be reminded of you every time they see them!  White is our go-to color because it matches with everything!





These are another classic flower that some people absolutely love to have in their home. Just don’t buy them for anyone who has allergies because the pollen can be irritating to some people!  We love beautiful large white oriental lilies, but red LA hybrid lilies are fantastic too and a perfect fit for a festive décor.





These beautiful big puffy blooms are a favorite pick for many and make a great gift, especially for someone whose garden isn’t blooming now!  There are the classic white and blue colors or pick something fun from the wide variety of tinted colors that are available. Hot pink hydrangea could make the perfect gift for that colorful person in your life!





Tulips in December?  Yes! They are traditionally more of a spring flower, but for those who love tulips, a bunch of these for their home will surely make them smile!  Instead of standard tulips, try something fun like parrot tulips that come in red or green!





Garden RosesGarden Roses

Beautiful and fragrant garden roses would make a special treat for Christmas!  Did your wife, sister or best friend have them in their wedding?  Then bring back special memories by sending them a dozen garden roses for them to savor over the holidays!






These cheery blooms are not the easiest to find in December, but we have them and they’re beautiful!  Send a whole box of these as a gift and your loved one will have enough blooms to decorate their entire house!





Spray RosesSpray Roses

You might be thinking spray roses? But yes, spray roses! These smaller cousins of roses are an easy way to fill a home with beautiful blooms everywhere.  A box from us can decorate every room making it a great gift for someone who is planning some serious holiday and New Year’s Eve parties!  You can go more luxurious with garden spray roses!





Who doesn’t love these tropical blooms?  For someone special, splurge on some extra special orchids like lady slippers or large cymbidiums.  It’s a flower gift that will be stunning and truly appreciated!






A box of our fresh cut succulents is a great gift for a succulent lover or for someone who maybe isn’t the best at keeping flowers alive!  These are an easy way to decorate during the holidays – just arrange them on a bed of decorate stones in a platter or low bowl.  They’ll stay looking great for weeks and if you want them to last longer they can be planted!





I hope our 12 Flower Gifts of Christmas helps you cross off a few (or maybe all) of the names remaining on your Christmas list!  If you need help narrowing down the choices, shop our best picks on our holiday gift page. Also to help with your shopping, use promo code HOLIDAY13 to get 15% off your order.  If you need help with anything (questions about flowers, want to customize an order, etc.), just drop us a line (info@flowermuse.com) and our “elves” are more than happy to help! Don’t forget to order by December 19 if you want delivery before Christmas!

Also, pin our handy guide below to keep as a reference – these flower gifts are great for really any time of the year!



12 Flower Gifts of Christmas

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