10 Unusual Flowers

10 Unusual Flowers

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time for all things creepy, eerie, scary and spooky! So, we thought it would be fun to share our top 10 unusual flowers that you’ll see used in floral arrangements. These are flowers and fruits that have unusual shapes that set them apart from your typical flowers. These 10 unusual flowers are not so rare that you may never see them in the US, but they are not widely available. So if you are looking for something unique to decorate your home or want an eye-catching flower for your bridal bouquet, check out our top 10 unusual flowers!

10 Unusual Flowers

10 Unusual Flowers

Unusual Flower #1: Gomphocarpus

Gomphocarpus, or commonly known as balloon plant or balloon cotton bush (or other more “colorful” descriptions!), is at the top of our list of unusual flowers. This strange looking “flower” is a species of milkweed and is actually a seedpod. Each one is a puffy air-filled orb that has an unusual furry surface. Gomphocarpus has a beautiful light lime green color and you will be surprised at how stunning a whole vase of these look! You can also mix them with more traditional flowers to add a distinctive touch to a bouquet.

Unusual Flower #2: Cerinthe

Cerinthe is not commonly used or seen and that’s most likely because it’s only available for a short season during the spring. This unique flower is also called honeywort or “blue shrimp” plant and just one look at the flower will explain exactly why it has that name! The curved stems have a unique overlapping pattern of leaves (like a shrimp shell) and a small purple shaped bloom at the end. If you’re looking for something unique and quirky to add to a bouquet, this is a great choice and you can see how it looks in this DIY bouquet tutorial for a White and Dark Purple Bouquet.

Unusual Flower #3: Allium Dready

If you think you’re having a wild hair day, you need to check out allium dready (also called hair garlic)! This crazy looking flower is from the same family of onions and garlic and looks like troll hair or a character from a Dr. Seuss story!

How this unusual flower got its name is pretty self-explanatory! This crazy looking flower is perfect for adding a touch of wild and whimsy to bouquets or centerpieces. If you have a bunch of them grouped together, be careful because the tendrils can get tangled just like hair!

Unusual Flower #4: Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart flowers (aka dicentra spectabilis) sound more morbid than they actually look! These beautiful and delicate heart shaped blooms have a “droplet” underneath making them look like bleeding hearts! They come in pink and white colors and are beautiful to add to bouquets and centerpieces, but given their very delicate nature, it’s best used by experienced floral designers.

Unusual Flower #5: Columbine

Columbine flowers (aka aquilegia) have a unique shape which some describe as resembling an eagle claw. (Note: the Latin word for eagle is aquila). The long extending tendrils (called spurs) give this flower it’s unusual shape and it comes in a variety of colors like pale pink, lavender and vibrant red. You’ll also find them in single and double bloom forms. Columbine flowers are available for a limited season during the spring and since they are a bit delicate, we recommend these only for more experienced designers.

Unusual Flower #6: Smoke Bush Flowers

Smoke bush flowers are unique for their plume of “smoke” that resembles a puff of wild hair! This fluffy looking flower is from the smoke bush or smoke tree (aka cotinus). The feathery plumes can range in color from a light champagne pink shade to a pale green or even pink purple color. Smoke bush flowers are perfect for adding a fine texture to bouquet and centerpiece designs and are available for a very limited season during the summer.

Unusual Flower #7: Fritillaria

Fritillaria (aka fritillaries) is a beautiful family of flowers that has downward facing blooms in a bell-like shape. You’ll find varieties in a range of colors like the purple checkered snake’s head fritillary featured in this post. There are also larger sized fritillaria like orange crown imperial that are perfect for making a bold statement! Just a warning that some varieties can have a “musky” fragrance that may be off-putting to some!

Unusual Flower #8: Gloriosa Lilies

Gloriosa lilies, also called flame lilies, look like a crazy cousin to your standard lily! While the shape has some resemblance to your typical lily, gloriosa lilies have an inverted shape. The ruffled petals curl backwards to reveal the stamens giving this unusual flower its distinctive look. The most common colors you’ll find are orange and bright pink-red shades which are perfect for adding a bright pop of color.

Unusual Flower #9: Blushing Bride

Blushing bride protea is a stunning flower that has multiple small blooms that open into a star-like shape. The name is quite fitting given that blushing bride protea can be found in pale white blush color to a deeper pink shade which makes it easy to incorporate into a range of color palettes. When mixed into a bouquet, blushing bride protea adds a light feathery texture while maintaining a soft tone with its pale hues.

Unusual Flower #10: Eryngium Thistle

When you picture a flower, you’re usually thinking of something with soft petals, but eryngium (aka thistles) will prickle their way into your heart! These flowers may be a little scratchy to the touch, but they can be a beautiful addition to bouquets. Eryngium is great for adding texture and they come in natural blue colors as well as violet and green shades. Unlike many of the unusual flowers in our list, eryngium are available year round making them easy to use no matter what time of year your wedding or event is!

That rounds up our top 10 unusual flowers that you’ll find in floral arrangements! So, now if you do come across any of these, you’ll know what it is! Of course there are many other unusual flowers that we could have mentioned here so if we missed your favorite one, leave us a comment and let us know!

If you want to see one of these unusual flowers for yourself, you can find these on our site and order some to see first hand! They just might become one of your favorite flowers!


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